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Pub Talk - “Put-Together – Real or Fake? Part II”

Pub Talk - “Put-Together – Real or Fake? Part II” Helmets in your collection can be whatever you choose to believe them to be as long as you understand and accept that if you ever sell them, other collectors will determine what value they place on your helmets by the way they speak to them and that these two views will not match up.

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Pub Talk - “Provenance”

Pub Talk - “Provenance” Helmets are often collected separately from the duffle full of gear or the footlocker full of photographs and mementos which, by any standard of documented provenance, removes the helmet’s context. Collectors constantly advise each other to buy the helmet not the story however, provenance that is not documented and validated is just a story and that is what M-1 collectors normally end up buying.

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Pub Talk - “Context”

Pub Talk - “Context” A helmet is not just the physical object but also the circumstances around how and where it was found as well as It’s cultural significance. The context being where the helmet was found, how it was found, who found it, the condition it was found in or just the event the helmet was associated with. Where did you find your favorite helmet, a garage sale, antique store, auction, estate sale, an attic, a barn in Normandy where it was left by Easy Co. of the 506th?  

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