Our Story

My interest in war history started as a child listening to my grandfather’s stories of his time in service. As he shared with me, I became intrigued by the valor, honor and tenacity of the men and women who fought so much to preserve our freedom. It was hearing these stories that prompted me to purchase a helmet at a local military show in the year 2000. When I purchased that helmet, it was never my intention to turn my hobby into a full time business. From that point on, I started to study and research all elements of the M1 Helmet. There was one thing I noticed that was a constant, they were all missing parts.  This started my search to find them, but I always came up empty handed. I realized that if I couldn’t find them, no one else could either.  It was out of this need that my business was created.  We started searching out companies and manufacturers that could make the necessary parts to put these pieces of history back together correctly. After years of research and development, J. Murray Inc. 1944 is proud to offer a full line of helmets, parts and service to reenactors, helmet enthusiasts, museums, and the movie industry. We look forward to serving you with all your helmet needs. 


Joshua Murray