All international shipments are subject to customs inspection and duties by your countries tax authority. We cannot devalue or mark overseas packages as gifts. Many custom's offices check our website to assess duties.


FAQ’s (Frequently asked Questions)

  • FAQ#8: Do you ship International?  Answer: YES!  We ship worldwide.  Mind you, we don't falsify customs documents.  We import as well.  Guess what?  We pay duties too.  That's the way it is.
  • FAQ#7:  Do you age your helmets?  Answer: No!  Okay that sounds rude right?  The reason is quite simple.  We spend too much time fixing them to turnaround and “undo” our process.  Stated plainly; We don’t like to beat the %*@# out of a helmet we just restored!  Think of this….  You spent a lot of money purchasing a uniform, gear and weapon right?  Usually, those items are either NEW or in the best condition you can find.  Why would you want to stick a dirty helmet and greasy liner on your head?  Surely the helmet was not issued in such a state?  Why not start out with a NEW helmet and let it age along with your impression as YOU use it?  This is our position.  Besides, at shows guys will stop by to talk and show us their “J.Murray” helmet.  We immediately notice and discuss how our helmets age with use.  Weather, field conditions, repeated use and sweat age helmets quite nicely,… free of charge.
  • FAQ#6: Does your product ship out looking like the pictures you provide?  Answer: YES!  Wouldn’t it be nice if the Big Mac looked like the picture on the menu board?
  • FAQ#5: Are your restored WWII helmets actually WWII helmets?  Answer: YES!  We are known for this.  We don’t use postwar or foreign made helmets.  Whether you order an early or late war helmet we guarantee that it was originally produced during WWII.  Also, just to confirm, we use original WWII and Korean War era helmet liners.
  • FAQ#4: When will I get my helmet? Answer: ASAP!  We usually build a helmet within 10 days of ordering.  We can take up to 14 days to build a helmet.  This 2-week time frame is what you need to go by when planning your order.  We recommend planning ahead.  We may get a helmet out the door in this time-frame but you should also factor in delivery time, of which we have no control over.
  • FAQ #3: Do you have a store?  Answer: Yes and No.  Customers ask us if we are building helmets in our basement.  The answer is no.  We have a shop of about 1200 sq. ft. to work in.  It's a working shop and not set up for retail space.  This shop is divided into two parts.  On one side we restore helmets and liners.  This side is soundproofed due to the noise generated by our equipment.  The other side is where we stage projects, shelf finished product, assemble helmets and ship.  This may seem simple and it is.
  • FAQ #2: Where do you find this stuff? Answer: Everywhere!  We travel constantly!  We're out the door as soon as a deal is struck.  Helmet/liner stocks show up in the darnedest places.  Once we were told about some helmets.  Where were they?  In a semi-trailer parked along side a county highway in Kentucky.  Another favorite was the liners unearthed in the 5th floor of an abandoned slaughterhouse!  Or…the helmets we found at a junk yard, these were headed to the crusher for scrap.  The latest find was in New Mexico.  I will say that finding surplus helmets is getting tough.  We're fortunate to work within a very small network of “friendly types” that will call us to collaborate on leads and split large finds.  This is much appreciated given the decreasing stocks.  It also works well with the old adage “what comes around, goes around”.  Typically, when helmet liners are found they're in condition ranging from minty to garbage.  We work out deals with guys who only want the “good stuff” we take the restorable items.  If you have a lead, give us a holler, we'll be happy to work with you too!
  • FAQ #1: Do you do this full-time? Answer: Yes!  We do this full-time.  We have been for over 20 years!  It seems folks want to know if you really exist or not, we do.