Liner - Korea War

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This a completely restored helmet liner with Korean War era features.

When ordering choose a complete or basic option.  The basic option does not have a neckband, headband or leather chinstrap (shown).  The complete option has our Korean War headband, adjustable neckband and black buckle leather chinstrap.  When ordering you can choose a liner with black or olive drab -A- washers.  Both variants were made during this time period.

  • Can I choose the liner manufacturer?  No – and we aren’t being mean. We cannot accommodate this request.  It's impossible to maintain an adequate stock of ALL liner manufacturers.
  • Are all your liners from the WWII era?  No.  We also use postwar liners which are the same in shape and size as wartime liners.
  • Do you use U.S. style liners made by other countries?  No!  Never!  End of discussion.
  • What is the condition of your liner stock?  We take great pride in choosing what liners we're willing to restore.  While minor defects can exist, such as; chips, hairline cracks or small punctures any liner that's too far gone is rejected.