Helmet Liner Web Kit - Reproduction

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This is a complete web kit.  There are six (6) types to choose from.  Within those six types are two (2) webbing styles: THBT (triple herringbone twill) and SHBT (single herringbone twill). 

There are three (3) hardware options for each webbing style: 

1) Nickel snaps with dull steel -A- washers  

2) Nickel snaps and olive drab washers

3) Black snaps with brass -A- washers

(THBT webbing, nickel, steel) - shown first

We recommend matching the new kit to the features in your liner. Notice the type of snaps on the upper harness, webbing weave (SHBT or THBT), and type of -A- washers you're replacing.

Each kit comes with the main webbing "doughnut," upper neckband harness, nine (9)  -A- washers, ten (10) semi-tubular rivets, neckband, and adjustment string.

A setting tool for properly rolling over the rivets is available on our Restoration page – or we'd be happy to set a new web kit into your helmet liner for you. (This is a popular option for those who might not have a basic working knowledge of the M1 helmet.) Shipping your liner to us is simple – and that cost is usually less than if you were to purchase the setting tool. Just e-mail or give us a call if you’d like to take advantage of this added service.


The acronyms stand for Single Herring Bone Twill and Triple Herring Bone Twill and describe the specific weave of the cotton tape used in WWII helmet liners.  SHBT forms a single “V” in the webbing, while THBT forms three “VVV”s in the webbing. It’s customary to match the weave with the type used in the helmet liner about to be restored.