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M1 Helmet Liner -A- Washers - Brass - BULK - Original

Regular price $ 12.00

Original brass M1 helmet liner -A- washers. Once again we have accumulated massive amounts of used washers. These are being offered in bulk. We are selling them by weight this round. The weight we chose is (3) ounces. Three ounces yields approximately 60 washers.

Let's talk about condition. This is a mixed lot. Some you will have to clean. Some you will have to scrub. Some will be perfectly fine as is. And,... some you will have to throw away. Welcome to my world. You get the good with the bad. The price reflects this.

Here's how this works. Knowing that three ounces will yield about 60 washers (closer to 63 actually) we will set up our postal scale and fill a bag until it reaches 3 oz. It's that simple and super fast for me. I hate counting! If you want more than 60 washers, then order (2). How will we fulfill that order? You guessed it. We will bag 6 oz. You will get approximately 120 washers. Sweet! Math!

We haven't offered these in years. Last time we did they sold out pretty quickly at $25.00 per 100. I was glad they sold out. I was tired of counting them and they made my fingers green. If you math you will quickly realize the price today is better than before! You will get about 120 washers for $24.00 this time around. Math!

What are these heavily used washers good for anyways? Great question. We do quite a bit of restoration work that requires us to blend in a "been there done that" -A- washer. Sometimes we need more than one. Those of you who do the "helmet fix up on the weekend thing" understand the need for these. I'm lopsided with thousands of them that I don't need. That is why I shake some loose every now and then.

How many do I have? About 2,880 pcs. Which (math) is about 48 orders worth at 3oz. I'm setting the inventory at 40 to be safe.

Story problem time. If you buy 10 lots of 3oz. How many washers will that be?