Can you Transform my Nam helmet into a WWII helmet?

Big Red here with a question from Jed I. Longshanks...


Jed asks,

"Big Red, do you think “The Helmet Guy” can convert my Nam helmet to WWII?”

 Well my tall padawan…

That will require a multi-part answer so let’s break it down,

 First, can it be done?

   In short Yes, J.Murray.Inc1944’s minions can do most anything.

Second, should it be done?

Ummmm……… probably not.

Now, I know it may seem like a quick easy solution but in the end it is not what you really want.

Why not?

Well for two reasons: First, Helmets from this era are gaining in popularity in the collecting community and, depending on condition, can be worth upwards of $150.00 and secondly, your re-enacting buddies will make fun of you.

 Take it easy Big Red. Why don’t you knock it off with
 them negative waves?
 Some of these people got sensitive feelings.


Look Oddball, all the positive waves in the world won’t transform a Nam era helmet set into a WWII set. Let me explain....

Here is what you will have to do to make the conversion.

 First the liner,

  • 1960s and later versions of the M-1 liner have a webb kit that does not line up to a WWII kit. This means new holes have to be drilled into the Nam era liner in order to install a WWII kit and once installed the old holes don’t magically disappear.
  • Also, Nam era liners did not have leather chinstraps like liners in WWII. The only way to install them is to zip or twistie tie them to the buckles intended for the Nam liners neckband.

 Second the helmet,

  • 1960s helmets were made much smaller and with a significantly lower dome than helmets of WWII.
  • Also, Nam era helmet chinstraps were attached to the helmet’s loops with metal chinstrap fasteners replacing the WWII era bar tack stitch.

Basically, no matter how good a conversion is, a Nam era helmet is still a Nam era helmet. So, when you and your buddies are in the field playing show and tell around the campfire, what are the chances they won’t laugh and give you crap over your helmet? 

So Jed, that’s the break down.
Now you must TRY to make a decision, make it a good one!







And Jed, if your friends want to know how you gained your intel, tell em

Big Red Says!


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