So, you want to be an internet seller?

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So, yer wantin to sell helmets on Ebay?

Allow me ta share some of me thoughts….


Auction or sell it?

When you know what you’ve got, avoid choosing the auction setting. Put a fair price on your helmet then choose “Buy It Now” with the “Make an Offer” option. In my opinion, this is the best way to go.


Choosing “Free Shipping” option is the best way to go. If you feel you must put a shipping cost, make sure to set an appropriate price to cover your shipping and handling. When you charge $30.00 to mail a liner, everyone knows your trying to make up the fees. Fees can be written off on your taxes, don’t be a Scrooge!


Descriptions are only read by a few buyers, so use pictures, pictures, pictures!!!!



Packaging is huge! For the love of all that is Holy and Sacred in your universe, use a decent box and packaging material. Nobody wants their helmet to arrive wrapped in a soap impregnated paper towel, inside an old diaper box sealed with duck-tape full of stinky third hand foam peanuts and a few foam sections left over from that new big screen TV you just bought.

If you are serious about being a seller and want return business, you need to invest in your packaging. Putting a helmet in a plastic grocery bag and wrapping it with hand stretch wrap will secure the helmet and reduce the amount of packing material you will need. Buy bubble wrap or Styrofoam packing material or at the very least save up Grandpa’s old newspaper.








When it comes to the box, you can buy them at a multitude of locations, or you can get them for free at your local USPS.

DO NOT use the "if it fits it ships" boxes, this promo is a total rip off and both you and your buyer will be unhappy.



(Ebay App) - If you are serious and want to make this work, get the Ebay App on your phone so you can respond to questions or offers quickly.

(Invoice) - Send an invoice!! Be professional, let your buyer know the helmet is from you and make the correlation from your packaging that you are a serious and professional seller. Many buyers keep this with their helmets, so they know what they paid and who they bought it from.

(Do you sell from other outlets?) – If you have a website, a store, or you sell at shows, let me know. Put a note or a card in the box to direct me to your other selling venues, especially if you operate a website!!


Now, if ya follow me advice ya can’t lose, and if'n ya do then it isn’t me fault. Ya probably got some sorta major malfunction goin on with ya.


Until next time, I bid ye a fond


  • phillip d marritt

    i once recieved a helmet in a box 5 times too big with no packing what so ever. every surface the helmet could contact (ie everything but the corners) had paint transfer. did i mention it was a nice original finish m1? aaaarrrrrgggggggg!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Big Red. You are so very helpful! Keep up the good work!

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