Perspectives I - The Rest Of The Story

Big Red Says:

Listen up Buttercup! Here's the rest of the story



How you choose to define your perspective on collecting will determine how the collecting community views you. Historian, Gentleman Collector, Profiteer, Scammer, Faker, Bully……? Each has a unique perspective and does not view the M-1 helmet in the same light.

If you build up your reputation as a knowledgeable collector then play dumb on your internet sale listings you will compromise yourself within the community. When a young collector posts an example of a new find on a forum, are you going to congratulate and encourage them or are you going to use the opportunity to show off the 14 better examples you already have? Are you going to defend your arguments with facts and documentation or just attempt to bully fellow collectors to your perspective? Do you want to learn and grow in your collecting knowledge or remain close-minded to all input other than Google results?

The M-1 collecting community is small and the Internet doesn’t forget. So, think about how you want to be treated and how you intend to treat others because…….


The Living Historian

The helmet I'm wearing is the iconic M-1 Helmet. All American military personnel wore it during WWII along with many of her allies. The liner can be worn without the steel helmet when performing duties behind the lines and the helmet fits over it when needed. It is a one size fits all with neck and head band inside the liner that can be adjusted to fit the individual wearer…………



The Internet Self-Appointed Expert and Forum Bully

What you have there is a M-1 helmet. If it is not named it’s just plane Jane and really has no collector value beyond its parts. If it is painted with camouflage or unit and rank insignia it is fake however, I would be willing to help you out by taking it off your hands for a few bucks.



By the way, what is the heat stamp?.....

That heat number, according to the chart from “Helmets of the ETO”, indicates that this helmet was made on April 1, 1942 and was personally kicked out of the way by Patton on his way to slap a cowardly soldier in Italy…………….

The Veteran


The M-1 helmet?.......

When it was cold it was colder and when it was hot it was even hotter. It was heavy and I didn’t like wearing it but……………




It was the best damn shovel I ever owned!!

and remember,

if your friends want to know how you gained your intel, tell em


Big Red Says!


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  • Todd

    Great article you nailed it on the head, especially about the heat stamp, people need to educate themselves about this.

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