M-1 Liner Suspension System “Snap-In Head Band III”

Big Red here with a question from "Elaine Dickinson"...

    So, TAKE FIVE!

    "Hi, my name is Elaine Dickinson and what I am curious to know is why the Riddell snap-in head band was discontinued? Surely you don’t mean to imply the only reason was to switch from 13 sizes to a one size fits all?"


    You are quite correct Elaine, adjustable size wasn’t the only reason for the switch….
    and don’t call me Shirley.

    Size was certainly a major consideration if only from a logistics viewpoint. It meant that the Army would have to maintain all 13 sizes at every point of distribution to ensure a proper fit for every soldier.

    Two additional factors made this logistics problem into a nightmare though, first haircuts and second the rayon fabric webbing itself.

    For anyone who has purchased a fitted ball cap, no size adjustment, has no doubt been shocked at how poorly the cap fit on their head after a haircut.

    A head band that fit snug and proper on any soldier at time of issue could become a loose fitting hassle or a too snug discomfort, depending on length of hair, in the field.

    Complicating this problem was the actual durability of the white rayon fabric, which quickly demonstrated its tendency to stretch out, especially when wet, and not return to its original size. The issue of stretch not only affecting the head band but the webbing inside the liner as well.

    Issues of size and durability were combined with the complaints of soldiers, who reported that the snaps dug into their head, adding serious discomfort to the list of reasons that led to the demise of the Riddell snap-in head band.


    And Elaine,

    if your friends want to know how you gained your intel, tell em


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