M-1 Liner Suspension System “Neck Band II”

Big Red here with another question from "Mort Walker"...

    So, TAKE FIVE!

    Mort asks,

    "Big Red, how many different sizes did Neck Bands come in?"

    Great follow up question Mort,

    Originally, Neck Bands were manufactured in six different sizes.

    Like many aspects of the Riddell football helmet suspension system, Neck Band sizes were mimicked in the first adaptations of the version modified for use with the M-1 liner.

    However, unlike the Football helmet where Neck Bands and Head Bands were integrated into the suspension according to the helmets assigned size, the M-1 helmet's suspension had been modified in the attempt to make the assembly one size fits all. This meant that the integrated components of the Riddell helmet became interchangeable inserts in the M-1.

    The logistics nightmare involved in maintaining and assigning the appropriate size Neck Band in concert with the appropriately sized Head Band was compounded by two major factors, size options and fabric durability.

    As it was made of the same white rayon fabric as the rest of the assembly, Neck Bands quickly demonstrated a tendency to stretch out, especially when wet, and not return to their original size. This was further complicated by the fact that each of the six sizes only differed by 1/8-inch.

    Retention of sizes were reduced to 1, 3, and 5 which effectively split the difference of small to large and separated each final size by ¼-inch. Unlike latter Neck Bands, the early Rayon version only required a size number stamped in black ink.

    Occasionally a supplier maker mark will randomly appear on various sections of the Rayon webbing used for these web kits.

    Unfortunately, Neck Bands were marked on the side of the strap that made direct contact with the wearer’s head which has rendered many of the numbers and other markings illegible if not removing them completely making it impossible to determine how or if they were originally marked.

    and remember Mort,
    if your friends want to know how you gained your intel, tell em


    Big Red Says!


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    • patrick confer

      I guess you could say having 6 different sizes followed the old adage ‘ even the best plan never survives first contact’.

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