M-1 Helmet Lot Numbers

Big Red here at me favorite waterin hole, Cohan's Pub.

Pull up a chair and have a pint.

If I had a dime...

If I had a dime for every time I've been drug into a debate over that little alpha numeric stamp inside a M-1 helmet, I could pay off me tab. Now don't ya go tellin Patty I said that caus he won't let me have another pint til I pay up.

Now, here's an article I come across that provides some good insight into what these numbers were fer, where they came from and how they got assigned to a helmet.

I've tried to get Joshua to read it but "apparently" it doesn't have enough pictures to keep his attention so.... I'm supposin it's up to you.






So, what do you think?

Did this information change your position on lot numbers?

Let me know in the comments.

Until next time, I bid ye a fond


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  • Kevin

    A classic example of a properly r referenced research. I’ve stripped down enough lids to know the Heat stamp matrix that circulates on the Internet is somewhat fanciful. It all make so much sense and if you read this essay and integrate that knowledge a whole new world of possibilities open up ! As you were trooper!

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