M-1 Helmet Finishing Operations I

Big Red here with a question from "Taco Ockerse"...

    So, TAKE FIVE!

    Taco asks,

    "Big Red, At what point in the process did helmets get their finishing touches"

    Super-duper question Taco…….

    With the conclusion of the spanking operation, the shaping of the M-1 helmet was complete and the helmet body could enter the finishing process but, before the finishing process could start, the newly shaped helmet bodies had to be prepped and transferred to the finishing department. McCord easily tackled these two steps with a conveyor and an automated washer.

    When the visor spanking operation was complete, the operator at the spanking press placed the helmet body into a cradle hanging on an overhead chain conveyor.

    The conveyor carried helmet bodies through an automated spray washer that used a solution of kerosene-emulsion to remove any oily residue remaining from the lubricant applied to the discs by the steel supplier.

     Once clean and dry, the newly formed helmet bodies could start
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