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Some interesting facts about the development of helmet liner suspension components,

It is amazing to me when creative people are permitted to explore possible solutions to problems without hindrance and often even more amazing than their solution, is the source of their muse.

Garnett C. Skinner, manager of the Scholl Manufacturing Company, was involved in the earliest liner development meetings and was part of the group asked to provide samples of potential solutions to the issues the Army had with the current liner assembly.

Mr. Skinner contributed, in no small amount, to the look and function of the final liner inserts as we know them today. The story goes that he conceived the sized head band being laid out as a partially leather clad belt with an adjustment buckle. While smoking a cigarette and fumbling with a safety-match pack in his other hand, its closure function struck him with the inspiration for creating the spring clip closure he provided with his sample head band for attaching the band to the suspension.


Later, during a plane flight, he was fumbling with his safety belt and focused in on the buckle design as he was adjusting the fit. He then conceived a miniature version of this cam lever wedge buckle system for use in adjusting the liner’s leather chin strap.

The garter stud and loop system, that allowed the chin strap to become removable, was developed by the United Carr Fastener Company.

So, If Mr. Skinner’s muse was safety-match packs and safety-belts, I wonder what Mr. Carr was thinking about?...


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