Leather Liner Chin Strap V - “garter clip and studs”

Big Red here with a question from "Sue Charlton"...

    So, TAKE FIVE!

    Sue asks,

    “Big Red, what can you tell us about the chin strap assemblies garter clip and stud?”

    Great question Sue,

    The metal attaching loops were made of wire formed into the shape of a garter clip. They had a looped top section, which would snap to the garter studs on the liner body and then bent out forming a triangular shaped loop wide enough to allow the chin strap to pass. The wire came together at the base of the loop and could be butt welded or covered with a crimped ferrule to hold the clip together.

    Early garter studs were made of unpainted corrosion treated metal while early loops were made of metal painted olive drab until 1944 when both were manufactured of brass coated with black-oxide.

    The stud was attached to the liner body in the same location where the permanent attachment had been previously. The outside was capped for a clean finish with the stud on the inside.

    and remember Sue,
    if your friends want to know how you gained your intel, tell em


    Big Red Says!


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    • Victor Edwards

      Good and useful information on my least favorite part on an M1 Helmet. These straps are so thin and worthless why did the US during WWII spend the time and money producing them. Outside of helping to hold the steel pot together with the liner. What is the reason the US spent a decade or so issuing them to our GI’s?

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