Leather Liner Chin Strap III - “Separate Insert?”

Big Red here with a question from "Paul Hogan"...

    So, TAKE FIVE!

    Paul asks,

    “Big Red, after the liner chin strap became removable did it become an insert?”

    Hummm… Sounds like a trick question there ----------, like what year was the war of 1912 fought..


    Yes, the chin strap “technically” became an insert however, it was not viewed as an insert because it was considered part of the liner.

    The specifications for the helmet liner, throughout all versions and revisions, called for the installation of a leather chin strap.

    Whether or not the straps original permanent installation was intentional or happenstance is not entirely clear however, based on the circumstances surrounding the development of the liner it was most likely due to the latter as it seems to have been adapted directly from Hawley’s fibre hat design.

    After the chin strap design was changed to a removable design in June of 1942, the prime liner contractors were still responsible for the procurement and installation of a chin strap in order to make a complete liner.

    The CQMD, who had the procurement responsibility for the head band and neck band inserts, did contract for chin straps but did so to be issued as replacements not for issue with the liner. 

    and remember Paul,
    if your friends want to know how you gained your intel, tell em


    Big Red Says!


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    • LeRoy CARON

      As I mentioned to you sometime ago, when we had crates of helmets we were storing for CD , there were packages of both para and reg. chin straps cases along with banded up nape straps. This stuff fell out of the crates and no one ever picked it up! It was all trashed. What a great thing hindsight is. Nice article.

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