Helmet Net Installation - How To Put A British Mk. 2 Net On The M1 Helmet

Big Red here with a follow up question from "Doug Neidermeyer"...


Doug asks,


"Big Red, I hate to bother you again but I need your help to figure out how to get this British net to fit on my M-1 helmet?"


Good to hear back from you Doug!

You bet, I have a seven step process you can follow and no worries you're not the only guy to struggle with this.


 Ok, Ok enough joking around.... Here ya go Doug!

Unfold your net on a flat, solid surface.

 Relax your net by stretching the corners out in all directions.

Place your helmet on top of your net so the corners of  the net are facing left and right of the chin strap loops and the tie string is at the rear of the helmet.

Lift the corners of the net and slide the chin straps through the net.

Make sure the net is secure around the chin strap loops.

Secure net around perimeter of the helmet shell:

A - Pull front corner of net up and hold with your hand.
B - Lift rear draw string up and secure with the same hand holding the front.
C - Moving clockwise, pull net up and over the helmet edges while pulling the string taught.
D - Use your free hand to re-position the draw string in the hand holding the front of the net and repeat step A thru C until net is over all edges of the helmet.
E - Tie a knot in the drawstring at the rear of the helmet to prevent the net from becoming loose.
Secure the net to the helmet by inserting the liner into the helmet shell and placing the leather chin strap over the front brim.


Well Doug, I hope that helps and remember...

if your friends want to know how you gained your intel, tell em

Big Red Says!


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