Hell Is For Heroes - Starring The "Commando Helmet Net"

Big Red Says:

Listen up Buttercup! There's a movie you need to watch....


So we were talking about movies staring the “Commando Helmet Net” that everybody associates with the movie “Kelley’s Heroes”. If you haven’t seen this movie – Shame On You!

Now, I have another favorite that the “Commando Helmet Net” stars in that you may not be aware of.

 Have you seen Steve McQueen in “Hell is for Heroes”?

Filmed in 1962 a young Steve McQueen plays Pvt. Reese, an embittered soldier who has just been sent back to join a group of weary GIs of the 95th Infantry Division. They are unexpectedly ordered back into combat at a position opposite a pillbox on the Siegfried Line in Belgium. Recently demoted back to private from staff sergeant for drinking, Reese chafes under all authority. He is a natural leader, and convinces his squad to keep the Germans at bay by making them believe that their small outfit is larger than it really is. Reese knows it's only a matter of time before the Germans figure out the truth, and.....well you need to watch it.

 This film has a few other stars you might recognize……

Enjoy the movie and remember,
if your friends want to know how you gained your intel, tell em

Big Red Says!


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