Got Me Under Pressure

Big Red here with a question from "Frank Beard"...


Frank asks,

"Big Red, Wow I didn't know that the little man in IMP liners was actually an imp, that's cool man. What do you know about all the other marks in high-pressure M-1 liners?"

Good to hear from you Frank,

High-pressure plastic liner bodies initially met and, through continuous refinements, eventually exceeded the Army’s expectation for a helmet liner. High-pressure liners began to appear around May of 1942 but would not reach significant numbers until the late fall. Seven companies adopted the high-pressure method and through use of the Westinghouse Micarta formula would produce more than 38,000,000 helmet liners by wars end.

High-pressure liners were required to have a mark molded into the interior crown to identify the mold cavity used to make the liner and a symbol to identify the manufacturer. This requirement resulted in eight distinct marks.



High-Pressure Liner Manufacturers Mold-In-Marks

      And Frank,

      if your friends want to know how you gained your intel, tell em

      Big Red Says!



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