Finland High-Pressure Helmet Liners

Big Red here with a question from "Billy Gibbons"...


Billy asks,

"Big Red, The other day you said seven companies made high-pressure liners but then you said there were eight maker marks, what gives?"

Great observation Billy, I see you were paying attention,

The eighth mark was created in early 1944 when the Army chose to redirect the efforts of the Inland Manufacturing facility away from liner production and on to other forms of manufacture they deemed more critical at the time.

Inland’s hardened steel molds found their way to the Firestone manufacturing facility where the Firestone “F” in a shield logo was engraved over the top of the existing Inland logo.

M-1 Helmet collectors affectionately refer to these as

“Finland” liners.


There ya go Billy, Seven companies eight mold-in-marks

WWII Liner maker marks, mold in mark

And Billy,

if your friends want to know how you gained your intel, tell em

Big Red Says!



PS, is it ironic that the only member in the band without a beard is actually named beard? - maybe its just me.....

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