A Game of Crown Molds

Big Red here with a question from "Petyre Baelish"...


Petyre asks,

"Big Red, I have a M-1 liner with what looks like a little man inside the crown. Do you know what it’s supposed to be?"

Excellent question Petyre,

The “little man” you’re talking about is a mark found in liners made by International Molded Plastics and there has been a lot of speculation as to what the mark actually is. To better explain I am going to turn this question over to an expert on the subject of little things, Lord Varys.



Many Books and most internet sites describe the mold in marks used to identify the manufacturers of M-1 helmet liners made by the high-pressure method. One of the seven manufacturers of high-pressure liners was International Molded Plastics, Inc. Their mold in mark is most commonly described as a little man in a hat with his arms on his hips.



This is understandable based on the size of the mark and the quality of detail found in most of their liner marks. In reality the little character used as a logo by International Molded Plastics (IMP) is not a man but an imp.



You know, an imp as in a mythological little being similar to a fairy, a small, tiny, little…



And Petyre,

if your friends want to know how you gained your intel, tell em

Big Red Says!


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