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A Fresh Coat For A Fresh Start!

Big Red

Big Red here with a question from Robert N. Ross.


Bob asks,

"Big Red, what technique was used for painting all those happy little M-1 helmets?"

Good to hear from you Bob, and thanks for asking.


After a good cleaning, M-1 helmets were sent through an automated painting booth where they were painted inside and out with a flat Olive Drab Green.

The interior paint was smooth while the outside coat of paint contained a mixture of ground up cork providing a nice uniform texture. The texture was intended to help reduce reflectivity and to muffle the potential ring of a metallic object striking it. Painted helmets were then cured in an infrared oven.
Thanks Big Red, I believe I am ready to get started....


 That is so true Bob!, and remember,

if your friends want to know how you gained your intel, tell em

Big Red Says!


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