Web Kit - WWII M1 Helmet Liner - Original - 10

Web Kit - WWII M1 Helmet Liner - Original - 10

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Original WWII M1 helmet liner webkit. Present are the main cradle with adjustment cord and neckband support. Single weave with brass snaps on the neckband support. Excellent used condition.

Options for rivets and -A- shaped washers are numerous. Therefore, these components are not included. Choose steel or brass rivets, parkerized, olive drab painted or brass -A- washers to complete your project. We also have a limited selection of original -A- washers.

Headbands, leather chinstrap and neckband to complete your build, if needed, are also available.

Pro tip - A rivet setting skillset is required to install a web kit. If this is your first go around have extra rivets on hand and purchase a good setting tool from us or elsewhere.