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M1 Helmet - WWII - Fixbail Schlueter - Original - 10

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Original WWII fixbail M1 helmet. This steel pot is made by Schlueter. There is too much paint to see the stamp in the brim. I know its a Schlueter fixbail because of the shape of the chinstrap loops and profile of the helmet body. This helmet is a salty dog. Overall it is in very solid good condition but it is layered up pretty good with paint. Almost looks like someone mixed oatmeal in the paint. No joke. The chinstraps are a field replacement that are original to it. Meaning, they aren't the first set of straps for this helmet, but are a set of original field replacements. The helmet has some dents on the crown and a small stress crack.

Helmet is perfect for a full restoration project or leaving as is and building a battle tested display.

Helmet only no liner. Liner's are available here or sourced elsewhere.

Ready to ship. Will ship worldwide. Customs full value only. No exceptions.