Fixed Bail - Option 2

Regular price $ 325.00

Our 2nd fixbail option is another strong seller, especially for those who want a liner with very early production features. 

The rayon web kit & riveted leather chinstrap are leftover inventory initially used on Hawley paper liners. This leftover stock was used in traditional liners for a few months in 1942, making them quite rare. Also, there are six (6) sets of snaps around the main portion of the web kit that accept a snap-in sweatband. Due to availability, we don't use this sweatband, but use our double-wire headband instead. 

This helmet and liner are restored in the same manner as our other options, shipped fully assembled, and built when your order is received. Please allow up to ten (10) business days for our custom build

Need a net?  Choose Option 2 - Helmet & Liner w/ Net for $10 more.