M1 Helmet - Blue Pallet Special - Postwar Original

Regular price $ 10.00

Recently we purchased over twenty-one hundred (2,100) M1 helmets out of Houston, Texas. After digging, sorting, stacking, and counting (watch the video on our FB page) we came up with about 1,300 helmets we're willing to sell at a really good price – as in $10.00 each!

Wait. What? Are the helmets garbage or something? No, no, no. They're surplus and we're selling them at surplus prices. It's nothing more than a really good deal. These are postwar M1's that don't have any high-dollar collector value, but are perfect for a project, re-selling, or simply to have fun with.

The "Blue Pallet Specials" are genuine U.S. M1 helmets from the postwar era (Korea - Vietnam - Grenada). They're in good used condition. We've already kicked out those with serious damage.* The only flaws you'll find in our $10 sale are light dents, stacking marks, and small hairline stress cracks. So remember, they aren't flawless, but please note we will not sell you a helmet with any serious defect that deems it unusable.

Build these helmets up to look WWII. Or complete an impression of Korea or Vietnam. Go Infantry or Airborne. These helmets are your blank canvas! Camouflage them, paint them as medics, or paint them with spades, hearts or clubs. Outfit an entire paratrooper stick. Go for broke. These inexpensive helmets are a lot of fun.

Need chinstraps? We have a large selection of chinstraps, spanning all eras. Choose from original or reproduction, infantry, or airborne. (See below.)

'Live near Wisconsin? Want to fill your pickup truck? Let's make it happen. Give us a call. Or if you need just one, or an armload, let us pick the best at the time of your order and we'll ship them.

Bottom line, enjoy the deal. Have some fun!